What a pity that there was nobody around to film my encounter with Severino & Arena this morning!

I had decided to do a short zoopharmacognosy session with them to see what their response would be, so I took a small selection of oils. When I arrived they both came up to the electric fence and seemed to be inviting contact. The dogs were very curious about them but they were all quite accepting of each other.

The first oil I offered to Severino was frankincense. He showed a great interest in it sniffing intently. Attracted by Severino’s response, Arena also approached and sniffed from a little distance away. The next oil offered was Rose Absolute which Severino also accepted enthusiastically. Then I offered Rose Otto. His nostrils and mouth were twitching wildly, he wanted to eat the whole bottle so I had to clutch it strongly and then he made a Flehmen Response, raising his head high in the air. I then offered Violet Leaf and the response to this was spectacular, eliciting a HUGE Flehmen response. He kept coming back for more. The other oil which provoked an outstanding response was Pink Lotus. Elemi was also offered and was accepted very willingly.

I concentrated mainly on Severino as he is more confident about contact. However, Arena was greatly interested in all that was going on and she approached slowly and cautiously, stretching out her neck in order to reach the bottles. At one point I changed the bottle to Severino’s right nostril and Arena came round from behind so she could have direct access to the oil. The oil which seemed to attract her most was frankincense which is not surprising as she is such an anxious and fearful little horse. Pink Lotus was also a favourite with her which is encouraging as it is an oil which animals often choose to “open the gates”.

I look forward to being able to do further sessions with them because they were so responsive.