Zoopharma Session with Salma

This morning I did a zoopharma session with Salma. This is the third session since she arrived three months ago. Rose Otto:    Looks at bottle, licks, tail wags, moves closer, close sniff right up to bottle and then moved away to about 2m. I closed bottle. 10cm. Angelica Root.   Mouth smacks. Sniffs focusing on bottle [...]

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During the first few days after she arrived, Salma was - not unnaturally - a little unsettled and even confused. Where am I? Everything is new here! New people, new dog, cats… She needed to follow us around whenever we moved as it appeared that we were her anchor in this new environment. After a [...]

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Pata inflamada

Last night I noticed that Salma was nibbling at a hind paw. On examination I discovered that the right hind paw was red and inflamed between the pads. She may have stood on something which irritated it but was not apparent at the time. I put a few drops on German Chamomile in between the [...]

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Urban Experiences

This morning we went into town to give Salma an urban experience of waking in town on lead. What an exhausting morning she had!!! She travelled very quietly in the car but when she arrived in the town she was quite overexcited by so much going on – cars, people walking around, noises (a delivery [...]

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New experiences

This morning we went shopping. Mimi and Salma stayed quite happily in the car. This was Salma’s first time to stay in the car without human company.  Afterwards I took them out to the end of the car park near the road. Salma was mesmerised watching the traffic. She was moving her head like she [...]

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Free work and leading

Yesterday afternoon we did two exercises. The first was free work. I put out a variety of different surfaces, some smooth and others more rough and a tray with a few plastic balls, and placed pieces of cheese on them. Salma did not have a clue at first but Mimi, who in the past would [...]

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Settling in

20 April This morning we went to the beach. On the way there Salma lay down in the caravan when the road was straight but sat up when there were bends. She ran and explored and sniffed but she was always attentive to us and came back every so often to check on [...]

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