New Book Just Out!

My book about essential oils and other substances that animals frequently choose in zoopharmacognosy sessions has just been  released. The book is in Spanish, but I wanted to share this news with you all. There are virtually no books in Spanish on this subject so I hope that "Libre Elección" (Free Choice) will help to [...]

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I am currently taking a course on fundamental organic chemistry in relation to essential oils. In the latest lesson a piece of information surfaced which I thought would be of great interest to a lot of people. One of the  common constituents of essential oils examined was beta-caryophyllene. Some notable therapeutic properties of beta-caryophyllene are [...]

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The Importance of the Pause

The Pausa with a capital P is a simple but highly effective "tool" in all learning processes.  When we pause, we give the animal the chance to process and assimilate the recent experience in order to learn from it.  Sometimes we will find that after the pause a task which previously seemed impossible will simply [...]

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How to Make Rose Water

In this interesting post below you can learn how to make rose water either by distillation for a more concentated water or by infusion. As rose water is one of the products that we use often in zoopharmacognosy, it is well worth taking a look and trying this out.

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New Online Course

Today we have launched a new online course (Spanish only) "Introducción a la Zoofarmacognosis". The course comprises 23 lessons where you will learn all the basics of animal self-medication, the substances used and our role. On completing the course you will be able to use this marvellous therapy with the animals who share your life [...]

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Webinar Initiative

In September I plan to offer a series of webinars on various topics. The first one will be "What is Anxiety and how can we help our animals overcome it?" This topic was chosen by students who feel that it an important issue. The webinars will begin in the second half of September. The final [...]

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