The cat’s eyes were in a bad way. The retina had detached and the cat was blind. The pressure build-up in the eyes was extreme. An operation was needed. The day before the operation, the cat was offered a selection of essential oils. When he inhaled elderflower CO2, Gabrielle had never seen anything like it: it was as if he wanted to climb inside the bottle. After spending a long time inhaling the CO2, she noticed that the cloudiness of one eye reduced considerably. After the operation that removed the optical nerve he had less interest in the elderflower CO2. Straight after the operation he only wanted to inhale arnica CO2. Five days later at his veterinary check-up, the vet was amazed at the lack of bruising and swelling. Following on from his initial selection he chose to inhale yarrow, carrot seed, and lemon.

As an extra note on elderflower CO2, dogs with runny eyes frequently select it with successful outcomes.

Caroline Ingraham