Mezquite & Digestive Complaints

Yesterday a member of the Mexico zoopharmacognosy group had a query about a little dog that she is working with. She noticed that on recent walks this dog, who has digestive complaints, was eating mezquite pods. Further investigation revealed that mezquite does indeed have properties which have been used traditionally in cases of digestive upsets. [...]

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Cooling Foods

Sometimes when we have an animal who suffers in the heat or who generates excessive internal body heat, is anxious, nervous or hyperactive, an important factor may be diet. Here are some “cooling” foods based on Chinese medicinal concepts: turkey duck duck eggs seafood crab fish rabbit yoghourt barley wholegrain ricee tofu sesame seeds In [...]

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Grapefruit & Cancer

In the Japanese prefecture of Oita, located on Kyushu the most southwesterly island of that country,  for centuries they have been cultivating varieties of citrus fruits which are not widely available in the rest of the world. Among these is a fruit called kabosu. Alerted by the well-known fact that in this region cancer is [...]

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Elderberry CO2 & Advanced Glaucoma

The cat’s eyes were in a bad way. The retina had detached and the cat was blind. The pressure build-up in the eyes was extreme. An operation was needed. The day before the operation, the cat was offered a selection of essential oils. When he inhaled elderflower CO2, Gabrielle had never seen anything like it: [...]

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Responses to Arnica Macerated Oil

In the courses we have said that dogs in particular may display a special response when ingesting arnica oil. Sometimes dogs may begin to cough as though they had something stuck in their throat. This typically occurs when the issue at stake is more emotional than physical. In this very brief video you can hear [...]

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Dealing with Loss and Change

In Tellington TTouch work, as in many other disciplines, we say that if we want something to change we must first change something either in the environment or in how we do things. If we keep on doing the same old thing, then how can anything change? In recent days I have seen how a [...]

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