Last night I noticed that Salma was nibbling at a hind paw. On examination I discovered that the right hind paw was red and inflamed between the pads. She may have stood on something which irritated it but was not apparent at the time.

I put a few drops on German Chamomile in between the pads and some aloe vera gel. Then I offered her St. John’s Wort macerated oil but she refused it. Then I offered arnica and she took about 15ml. On that basis I gave her homoeopathic arnica 30CH. Finally I offered her yellow birch oil which she sniffed briefly and then left. She immediately stopped nibbling the paw and lay down.

This morning she is walking normally although between the pads is still little tender to the touch.

We went back into town today. We sat for a while in a little green space with a table and benches so the dogs could sit and was tch the world go by from a distance. Then we had another wander around before sitting down for coffee. She walked much more calmly today with a nice loose lead for most of the walk despite the fact that today is market day and there was a lot of movement as the vendors set up their stalls in the square.