Dealing with Loss and Change

In Tellington TTouch work, as in many other disciplines, we say that if we want something to change we must first change something either in the environment or in how we do things. If we keep on doing the same old thing, then how can anything change? In recent days I have seen how a [...]

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A week ago today Sasha, our companion of more than 13 years, left us. Here is the short story of a very special dog.  

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And so your dog begins to age…

And suddenly one day you realise that your dog is growing old. It isn’t that he suddenly grew old. It isn’t that you hadn’t noticed small signs of change, but suddenly one day a “tipping point” seemed to be reached and the reality was there staring you in the face. What might those little telltale [...]

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Certification Course is now LIVE!

After months of preparation, writing, recording, revising and editing, the online certification course is now up and running. This has been a steep learning curve for me in terms of the technology involved, and I could certainly not have reached this final launch without the invaluable help of Brad Shaw who set up the software [...]

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Books to Mexico

This morning, thanks to the efforts of Sandy Guevara, a student at the courses I gave in Mexico, a large box of books set off for Mexico City. Sandy coordinated all the requests for copies of "Libre Elección". Without her tremendous help it would probably have proved difficult to organise everyone. Thank you, Sandy!  

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Copper Still

No excuse now! With this beautiful copper still I hope to be able to distill some essential oils from the plants available in the garden. I had been toying with this idea for some  time but yesterday we bit the bullet and went searching. As these still have traditionally been used for distilling "mountain dew" [...]

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Launch Online Certification Course

The Online Certification Course in Zoopharmacognosy will become available in September. The exact date will be posted nearer the time. Preparation of all the teaching material for the the eight modules and fifty-one lessons covering the practical side of holding a session as well as botany, the basic science of essential oils, theories of zoopharmacognosy [...]

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New Book Just Out!

My book about essential oils and other substances that animals frequently choose in zoopharmacognosy sessions has just been  released. The book is in Spanish, but I wanted to share this news with you all. There are virtually no books in Spanish on this subject so I hope that "Libre Elección" (Free Choice) will help to [...]

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