Today Arena took off! The minute she saw me approach she came up looking expectantly. First I offered Rose Absolute to both Severino and Arena but their response was lukewarm. Then I offered Rose Otto. Once again the response to Rose Otto was very strong, and today Arena exhibited a big Flehmen response. (Unfortunately nobody was around to record the big moment.) At first she wanted to swallow the bottle which I had to hold firmly, and then sniffed avidly for quite some time with her lower lip trembling and nostrils twitching. As I had offered jasmine to Severino a couple of days ago and he had had a positive response (I later found out that he had recently been gelded.) I decided to offer it again. Arena paid absolutely no attention to it and Severino sniffed a few times and then walked away. Then I took out Violet Leaf, and once again Severino responded strongly to the oil. Arena also came up and spent some minutes with her left nostril right over the bottle.