Meet Severino & Arena!

Please meet my new guests, Severino and Arena. They are asturcon horses (http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/bre…/horses/asturian/index.html/) belonging to a friend. Used to living in the hills they are more used to wolves than people so not very socialised. However, they seem happy in their new place and curious about what is going on around, particularly the three horses [...]

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The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound

This article by John Stuart Reid from Greenmedinfo is extremely interesting and provides insights on how vocalisation affects the body and mind. This is something we can bear in mind when working with animals and may encourage us to change how we use our voice under certain circumstances. It is also worth noting how the [...]

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Essential Oils and Travelling Kitties

A few weeks ago I had to make a long, twelve hour journey in the heat with four cats and three dogs. The dogs did not present a problem because they are used to travelling, but the cats were a different matter entirely! All four cats were originally street cats. One had become completely domesticated [...]

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Zoopharmacognosy in Hexham

Last week a wonderful group of people and dogs came together at Fourstones to discover what zoopharmacognosy is and what benefits it might offer to the animals in our care. We had participating dogs and some "onlookers", the lovely borzoi Lara and elkhounds (I think that was the first time that I had either of [...]

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Last Course of the Year

Yesterday we finally managed to catch up on the zoopharmacognosy workshop that had to be postponed due to the flooding. I think we had a good day with plenty of discussion and I was particularly impressed with the case studies which  everyone had prepared so carefully and presented so nicely. Julea even  made a Powerpoint [...]

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Rain Stops Play!

Torrential rain during the night has meant a change of plans. The venue for today's zoopharmacognosy module is completely under water with no electricity. Apparently the water is flowing in one door and out the other side! A mad scramble to catch people before they left home was mostly successsful, and those who had already [...]

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