Free work and leading

Yesterday afternoon we did two exercises. The first was free work. I put out a variety of different surfaces, some smooth and others more rough and a tray with a few plastic balls, and placed pieces of cheese on them. Salma did not have a clue at first but Mimi, who in the past would [...]

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Settling in

20 April This morning we went to the beach. On the way there Salma lay down in the caravan when the road was straight but sat up when there were bends. She ran and explored and sniffed but she was always attentive to us and came back every so often to check on [...]

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Salma, the New Arrival

April 15th Today we picked up Salma, the new member of the family. This is the first time that we have taken an adult dog who had a home but didn’t know us beforehand. Three of the dogs we have had came to us when their owners died, but we knew them before. Our first [...]

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