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Animals of many kinds have shared my life – dogs, cats, a billy goat, chickens, ducks, birds and even a griffon vulture. Often animals turn up in need of help and stay only until they feel able to cope again on their own. Other times our companion animals need help, and it was to address this need that I began to explore various alternative and natural therapies.

I had studied aromatherapy for humans as well as reflexology and other treatments. Homeopathy has played a major role too, and then I qualified as a Tellington TTouch practitioner. From there I came full circle again to essential oils and plants, but this time specifically for animals. That is when I discovered animal aromatics and decided to qualify as an applied zoopharmacognosy practitioner because I feel that TTouch and aromatics complement each other perfectly and provide a wonderfully broad base from which to address a wide range of problems which our companion animals face today as they share our increasingly more complex and stressful world.

One of the most fascinating and attractive aspects of this work is that we must never force any remedy on an animal but must allow ourselves to be guided by the animal’s own choices and needs. In this way the animal is empowered to have control over its own health and well being.

We offer:

  • Private zoopharmacognosy consultations
  • One day seminars on zoopharmacognosy
  • Private consultation combining zoopharmacognosy and Tellington TTouch

For further information about Tellington TTouch please visit www.ttouch1.com.